Workshops OLD2

OpenSEES Workshop

Chairs: Mhd Anwar Orabi, Tejeswar Yarlagadda, Aatif Alikhan, Dr. Mustesin Alikhan, and Dr. Liming Jiang

When: TBC

Location: Online

Registration fee: Free for SiF2020 registered attendees

Who should attend this workshop? Practicing engineers and researchers interested in computational simulation of structures in fire should attend this workshop. OpenSEES is an open source, non-linear FEM code developed at UC Berkeley for earthquake engineering, and now enriched with powerful capabilities for analysing structures in fire. This workshop will focus on teaching how to use this open source (free) software; for example, basic tools, coupling with FDS, heat transfer analysis, geometrically nonlinear plastic analysis. Examples for both concrete and steel structures will be explained within this workshop, and guidance on how to develop and add your own material and/or element code to this framework will also be given.

Workshop’s content:

      1. Getting started and nonlinear thermomechanical analysis
      2. 3D thermomechanical analysis & graphical user interface
      3. Fire models in OpenSEES
      4. Coupling FDS and OpenSEES
      5. Heat transfer analysis
      6. Adding your own code


SAFIR Workshop

Chairs: Jean-Marc Franssen and Thomas Gernay

When: TBC

Location: Online

Registration fee: Free for SiF2020 registered attendees

Who should attend this workshop? The workshop will be addressed to both practitioners and researchers. The targeted audience is those users of SAFIR who have already some experience using the software but would like to see some newly implemented capabilities and particular points or questions discussed in details. Beginners and all those interested in the code are also welcome.

Workshop’s content:

      1. Recent development in SAFIR which allows efficiently modeling semi-rigid, time-dependent connections at the ends of beam-type finite elements.
      2. Examples based on frame-type structures in fire will be shown.
      3. Solutions in relation to questions and requests sent in advance by the participants. Questions and requests should be sent to [email protected] before Friday 23rd October 2020.


fib Workshop

Chairs: Ruben Van Coile, Thomas Gernay, Patrick Bamonte, and Cristian Maluk

When: Thursday 3rd December 2020, 13:00 – 17:00pm (tea break included)

Location: UQ St Lucia campus

Registration fee: AU$ 25 (only available for SiF2020 registered attendees)

Who should attend this workshop? Practitioners and researchers with an interest in the performance of concrete structures during and after fire.

Workshop’s content:
The fib (International Federation for Structural Concrete) is preparing 4 state-of-the-art bulletins with guidance on the design and assessment of fire-exposed concrete structures:

    (i)   Performance-based fire design of concrete structures
    (ii)  Fire-induced concrete spalling
    (iii) Fire resistance of concrete tunnels
    (iv) Evaluation of concrete structures after fire

The workshop will provide an opportunity for an early view on the in-progress bulletins and will allow for direct discussion and input. For each of the bulletins, the workshop will consist of:
    1. Presentation of scope and status
    2. Highlights of ongoing discussion points and challenges
    3. Panel discussion with an opportunity for questions and input

The fib bulletins are intended as community documents and the workshop discussion will greatly help achieve this.


Call for workshop proposals

Are you interested in organising and charing a Workshop during Structures in Fire 2020? Half-a-day or full-day workshops will take place on Thursday 3rd December 2020; following the conference. Please send us an email to [email protected] and a member of the local organising committee will be in touch with you soon.